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The Remote Honeymoon Is Over — We’re Getting A Temporary Office

Three months ago, I wrote an article titled “Remote as default, office as an option. Our remote work approach”. On it, we’ve tried to share our vision on the future of work.

Prior to the pandemic, at TeamGroovy everybody had the option to work remotely up to 2 days per week. The 2/3 days format worked quite well.

Historically, our company culture has always lived a ton out of human relationships. An example of it is our yearly retreat Teamatters, which consist of nothing more than getting all the team together in one place for a weekend, simply to have fun together. Here’s the 2019 edition. 🍻 In addition, our own company mission is to "empower businesses to achieve their full potential by creating top-quality digital products, while fostering great relationships along the way".

Since Mid-July Or So, However, Different Feedback Started To Arise.

In addition to several remote-ready tools & processes that were already in place, we’ve implemented several initiatives. to try to mitigate isolation. Still, part of the team started to share that, apart from the anxiety/stress related to the pandemic, working fully remotely was starting to have an impact on their physical and mental well-being. Feelings related to loneliness and disconnection with colleagues were shared. I personally felt some of these feelings myself.

For many people within the team, not only TeamGroovy as an organization, this was their first fully remote working experience. After these 4–6 months, many shared they don’t imagine themselves working fully remotely for a long period of time. There were two things mentioned in particular:

1. The right to access your personal data made available through this document, as well as to its consultation, rectification, updating or erasure and the limitation of its treatment;

2. The right to oppose the processing of your data;

I think the lesson here is that you only get to truly know if you enjoy something or not when you try it for a relatively extended period of time.


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